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ANNOUNCING: Finding Joy In The Journey 2021 Class (See Special Price on Blog Only)

The NEW Virtual Class Announcement

Hey Sweet Friends,

Here a quick peek of the class:

Finding Joy In The Journey 2021

This class is designed for us to grow in our walk with the Lord, our art & papercrafting skills!!!

It is a year long class for us all to begin the process of healing and moving on & living a joy-fillled life regardless of the circumstances.

We will have a:
*Monthly Prayer & Bible Study
*Monthly Scripture Memorization Opportunities
*Monthly Bible Journaling with gorgeous digits from a well loved friend to the Bible Journaling community
*Hymnal Journaling
*Monthly Memory Keeping Projects
*Month in Review and Monthly Goal Setting/Vision Board
*Monthly Planning Session to work on our best organization of our time with the Lord, ourselves(self-care) and our homes/families
*Plus a quarterly call with each participant

There will be additional art projects:
Mixed Media canvas
Decopage Projects
Junk Journal from scratch project and/or
Contemporary Journal project
Plus much much more.

For more information and a peek at the partial kit (& there will be more to come still not shown on video).

Go to YouTube and watch the Announcement video on:


It is limited “seating” as I want to keep the class small for more one on one instruction and friendship building within the class.

To sign up you must email
and put in the subject line:

“Sign up for Class”

All seats will be filled in order of requests.

Dates/schedule and fees are provided in the video.

Feel free to email me any questions at:


Private message me here on Instagram

Keep watching as there are many more classes to come!

There will also be a posting on my blog by tomorrow as well at:

Most importantly, I pray your day is blessed, creative and lovely….k πŸ™‚

Some of the items in the kit…plus much much much more!! Even more than in the video!! PTL!!! πŸ™‚

BoBunny - Time And Place Collection - 6 x 8 Paper Pad
BoBunny - Time And Place Collection - Noteworthy Journaling Cards
BoBunny - Time And Place Collection - Noteworthy Journaling Cards
BoBunny - Time And Place Collection - Cardstock Stickers
BoBunny - Time And Place Collection - Stickers - Layered Chipboard - Gold Glitter

Finding Joy In The Journey 2021 Class

********SHHHHHHHH…..BLOG SPECIAL PRICING!!!********* This is a year class where we will learn: Monthly Month In Review and Monthly Goal Setting Monthly Bible Study and Prayer With Scripture Memorization Monthly Bible Journaling Monthly Hymanl Journaling Monthly Memory Keeping by Contemporary and/or Junk Journaling Monthly Planner PLAN WITH ME There will be additional art projects: Mixed media canvas project Decopage Journal project Junk Journal or Contemporary Journal from scratch And yes, this is a $25 dollar savings…plus shipping.


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#PLANWITHME: In My TN Weekly pt. 1 & 2

Hey Sweet Friends,

Such a GORGEOUS “grown up” Nativity Sticker kit!!!

I LOVE it and had such a fun time planning the first week of November!!

FUN!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

I hope you enjoy it and I also hope you grab a kit, any kit and join in!!!

Love & prayers…k πŸ™‚

PS….here’s the website and a little discount code just for you!! πŸ˜‰

Discount Code: KRIS20

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Hymnal Journaling Weekly:

Hey Sweet Friends,

I will be updating the last few weeks by this weekend. I just wanted to get y’all today’s hymn up in case you need the information. Just copy and paste the hymn to a word document for you to print out and add to your hymnal journaling. Just in case you do not have each week’s hymn in your hymnal. πŸ™‚

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Let Us With A Gladsome Mind By John Milton

Hymnal Devotional: Page

Milton, John, was born in London, Dec. 9, 1608, and died there Nov. 8, 1674. His poetical excellences and his literary fame are matters apart from hymnology, and are fully dealt with in numerous memoirs. His influence on English hymn-writing has been very slight, his 19 versions of various Psalms having lain for the most part unused by hymnal compilers. The dates of his paraphrases are:β€” Ps. cxiv. and cxxxvi., 1623, when he was 15 years of ago. These were given in his Poems in English and Latin 1645. Ps. lxxx.-lxxxviii., written in 1648, and published as Nine Psalmes done into Metre, 1645. Ps. i., 1653; ii., β€œDone August 8, 1653;” iii., Aug. 9, 1653; iv. Aug. 10, 1653; v., Aug. 12, 1653; vi., Aug. 13, 1653; vii.Aug. 14, 1653; viii…

Audio of music with words to sing along:

Hymn for Hymnal Journaling:

See the source image