Use Valentine’s Day To Teach God’s Love

Use Valentine’s Day To Teach God’s Love

A day late but GREAT encouragement for sure!!! I wanted to just share!!! ūüôā
Hugs and prayers….k ūüôā

Valentine’s Day is a great time to teach your children¬†Bible¬†lessons on all the ways God loves us and how we are to return that love both to Him and to others. Consider some of these great verses and hands-on activities that you can use to teach your children some awesome Biblical truths that will change their lives and the lives of others that come into contact with them.

1. The proof that we love God comes when we keep His commandments and they are not at all troublesome. 1 John 5:3 (Message)

Have your children make a list of all the commandments that they think are easy to follow. (You can have your younger children say these out loud and then write their list for them.) When they are done, have everyone share their lists and discuss them as a family. To end the discussion, have everyone give one or two commandments they think are difficult to obey and have everyone in the family pray for each other that the commandments each person finds hard to follow will become easier.

2. The command we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people. You’ve got to love both.¬†1 John 4:21¬†(Message)

Give each child a wire hanger, five pieces of yarn, a pen, and five hearts cut out of paper. On each heart, have them write somebody’s name that they love. Let them attach the hearts to the string and then tie the string on the hanger to make a mobile. Talk with them about why they love each person listed on their mobiles. When everyone is done, have each person say one person that they think is hard to love. (Try to keep this from turning negative and gossipy. Do not let them dwell on why they do not like other people.) Let the children take turns praying for the people that are hard to love and that God would allow them to start seeing that person the way God does.

3. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

This is a great verse to use if your children have been going through a stage in life where they are arguing quite frequently. Tell the children that as a family, there are times when we will all do things that bother each other, but the Bible tells us that the love we have for others should help us love someone even when they do things that we do not like. Let the children talk through the things that are bothering them and then apologize to each other for the way they have been treating their family members.  This is a great way to model the way we as grown adults should act when the people we associate with are bothering us.

4. The Love Chapter ‚Äst1 Corinthians 13

Divide the verses in this chapter up amongst the children in your family and then let them write a short story about the ways they can demonstrate their assigned verses. For example, if a child gets¬†1 Corinthians 13: 4, “Love is patient. Love is kind,” his story could possibly be about letting his younger sister play with a toy that is his favorite. Read all the finished stories together and learn from each other. If your children are not old enough to write, take several days to cover one verse at a time and let them illustrate the verse instead of writing about it. This is also a great way for us to learn from our children as we listen for all the sweet ways they can think of to love others.

5. A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17

Talk about one way to show love is to reach out to others when they are hurting. Find a family in your neighborhood, co-op, or church that is going through a rough time. As a family, do something for them like mow their lawn, clean their house, or cook them a meal. This will allow both families to experience the love of God in a unique way: one through giving it and one through receiving it!

These are just a few ideas to get you going. There are enough love verses in the Bible that you could fill everyday in February with a verse and a related activity! Your life will definitely never be the same.

Andrea Chevalier is a worship pastor’s wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. A former public school teacher, she’s now focusing her gifts on educating her children and helping others to do the same. She is also a freelance author and website manager for¬†

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Thursday Hymnal Journaling On on YouTube

Thursday Hymnal Journaling On on YouTube

Welcome Sweet Friends!!

We have begun our Hymnal Journaling each Thursday on on YouTube!! We began with an introduction to each week’s plan and all items needed…and those possibly needed. ūüôā

We have been blessed to have a drawing for subscribers! We are giving away a copy of the devotional being used!!! YAY!!!! The video shares how to become eligible for the drawing!! ūüôā

So grab a hymnal, some basic supplies and the devotional….and join us!!! We would LOVE to have you!! We will have a new upload each Thursday on YouTube.

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#WBJC2020 On On YouTube

#WBJC2020 On On YouTube

Welcome Sweet Friends,

We have already begun our Winter Bible Journaling Camp 2020!!! The first few days have been so much fun….with more fun to go!!!

These seasonal camps are free to the on YouTube subscribers!! It is my way to encourage and give back in the Lord!! These camps are a collaboration of lovely known and those wish to remain unknown sponsors!! We have been so blessed to have ByTheWell4God, MoveTheMountains and AllieScraps on Etsy support our camps with lovely Bible Journaling supplies!! We also have been blessed to have those who contribute by prayer and some by monetary gifts. And finally even some of our amazing Dear Campers even make goodie bags of Bible Journaling supplies for all the campers!! What a blessing for all of us!!! God is so good!!!

Please come back as I will be updating our current #WBJC2020 videos, pictures, etc!!

You can also view all videos on YouTube.

There are wonderful opportunities for subscribers…and the best group of encouraging friends waiting to bless each co-subscriber!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord…hug/prayers,

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Winter Bible Journaling Camp 2020 Intro and Unboxing Pt. 1


Winter Bible Journaling Camp 2020 Intro and Unboxing Pt. 2










My Classic Faith Planner by The Happy Planner

My Classic Faith Planner by The Happy Planner

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Hey Dear Friends,

I LOVE my new Faith Planner!!! I really LOVE the horizontal The Happy Planner!! It took me a while to find a good fit and a good plan to record my walk with the Lord.


I love the first part which is the SOAP style planner. I use this for my daily devotional. I record my Scripture and thoughts with the Observation, Application in the daily and Prayer/Praise in the left column. This is a great opportunity to record my thoughts on the daily devotional as well as the daily bible verse!!

The middle section is all my various papers for Sermon notes, Bible study notes, Prayer list and blank paper.

The last section is the horizontal planner pages that I use daily in my daily writing of my prayer/praise to the Lord.

It is a great binder and as I have said many times with The Happy Planner, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ease of putting paper in and out of the ring system. This is my favorite Faith binder/planner of all time!! PTL!!! ūüôā

Hugs and prayers,

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Weekly Verses…

Weekly Verses…

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship him in spirit and in truth.
John 4:24
New International Version
Genuine worship is a gift.  Since God is spirit, since he is holy, we cannot fully approach him without the gift and blessing of his Holy Spirit.  As Christians who received his Spirit when we were baptized into Christ and born of God, we can now speak to him and worship him Spirit to Spirit.
Abba Father, by the gift of your Spirit I come to you as your child.  Thank you so much for giving me your Spirit so that I can approach you with confidence and know you hear the concerns of my heart.  Please accept the worship of my heart, of my words, and of my actions.  May the things I do today bring you glory.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.
Sitting down, Jesus called the twelve and said, “If anyone¬†wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of¬†all.”
Mark 9:35
New International Version
Last?  Nobody likes to be last.  We have a hard enough time settling for second place, much less last place.  Jesus reverses the rank.  The person who is most important to him is not the person seeking the status and notoriety. The most important person is like Jesus himself: willing to give up rank and status and importance to serve.  For Jesus, last means first in service and first in the eyes of God.
Magnificent God my Savior, you have made the world wonderful¬†for me and have given your Son to redeem me. ¬†How can I ever¬†thank you or repay you for your grace and kindness. ¬†Today help¬†me see those you want me to serve with grace and kindness as I¬†try to be more like you. ¬†This I pray in the name of the one¬†who washed his disciples’ feet. ¬†Amen.
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Ephesians 4:2
New International Version
“You mean I have to put up with that!?” ¬†There are those¬†folks in life about whom the saying is true: ¬†“They are the¬†grit out of which we are to fashion our pearl.” ¬†But our great¬†example in this challenge is Jesus. ¬†Think of what he had to¬†put up with in his 12 disciples. ¬†Remember how transformational¬†his patience and gentleness with them was. ¬†Can we dare to¬†less?
Give me strength and patience, O God, that I may be as loving, gentle, and patient with others as you have been with me.  Through Jesus my Lord and hero I pray.  Amen.
You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call on you.
Psalms 86:5
New International Version
Forgiveness is such a sweet blessing.  But God does more than forgive!  He cleanses and forgets.  His love is not metered out or carefully rationed.  He pours it out upon us if we genuinely seek him as our God and Father.
O Precious Father, I call to you wanting you to know how important your love and forgiveness are in my life.  Thank you for sending Jesus to show your love and pay the debt of my sin.  Help me to live today as your child: may others see my joy and my passion, to you glory.  Through my Savior I pray.  Amen.
Hear, O Israel:  The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.
Deuteronomy 6:4-5
New International Version
So many times Satan seduces us into a flat, 2 dimensional Christianity Рgoing to church and doing good deeds.  But God calls us to a three dimensional faith. He wants us to love him with all of our being in all of  our actions and with all of our might.
Dear Heavenly Father, I honor you as God Almighty. ¬†I appreciate you for all your kindness and blessings lavished upon me. ¬†I love you because you first loved me in Jesus. My heart’s desire today is to demonstrate my love for you in all I do, and love and say. ¬†Through Jesus. ¬†Amen.
As it is written: ¬†“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.
1 Corinthians 2:9
New International Version
Many of the things we anticipate and dream about are much less glorious in real life than they were in our imaginations. There is one event, however, that is better than we can imagine and beyond our wildest dreams. When Jesus returns to take us home to be with our Father, it will be far better than we can ask, imagine, dream or think.  Maranatha РCome Lord Jesus!
Abba Father, thank you for knowing me before time began. Thank you for crafting me in my mother’s womb. ¬† ¬† Thank you for sending Jesus to pay the price for my sins. ¬†And thank you in advance for the day Jesus comes to take me home to be with you forever. ¬†Through my Conquering Savior I pray. ¬†Amen.
I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of
Psalms 59:16
New International Version
So many things in our lives can be stolen away by natural disasters, aging, and death. ¬†Satan could be appropriately called “The Thief of Always.” ¬†But God is immovable and unstealable! ¬†We can invest ourselves in him and know our spirits are secure in his care. ¬†He is a fortress and a refuge.
O Great Rock of my salvation, thank you for being unchangeable and faithful.  Thank you for being the source of security and future in a day of chaos and change.  Thank you for being God. You are my God and in you I place my life, my hopes, and my future.  May you be glorified in me today.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.
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January Bible Study/Devotionals on YouTube

January Bible Study/Devotionals on YouTube

Hi Dear Friends,

I pray each of you have had a great start to 2020!!

Ours has been projects around the house after lots of trips to see family. Such a lovely time.

Our two Bible Study/Devotionals for January are:

1st 2 weeks: Slow Down and Let God Love You

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This devotional can be found in the Etsy Shop Move the Mountains:

3rd and 4th week we will be going through:

Vision 20/20 from the Etsy Shop: ByTheWell4God.

The Devotional can be found at:

It looks like this devotional is out of stock right now, but keep checking back as Lori and her team restock the shop often.

We will finally begin a weekly Bible Study: War Room

War Room Bible Study - Bible Study Book

Please join in on YouTube and be sure to say “Hi!!” The subscribers are family and we all love encouraging and praying for each other!!!

Have a lovely January….and keep serving Him well,

k ūüôā




Hello Sweet Friends!!! 

A quick hello as we all are so busy on this beautiful Christmas eve getting all ready for the celebration of our Lord’s birth!!¬†

As a girl, my grandmother and great grandmother would visit. And each Christmas Eve my grandmother would walk in and greet us with a “Christmas Eve Gift”. I remember asking her what that meant. She in her usual kind and gentle way would answer…Honey it is a greeting of love and well wishes. She was amazing!!!¬†

So it is now many Christmas later and we all rush to be the first one to wish all “Christmas Eve Gift”. So to each of you….from me to you…Christmas Eve Gift!!!¬†

And I pray a lovely day of celebrating Jesus’ birth tomorrow!!! May each of you and your families safety if you are traveling….and joy in your time together. And for anyone that may be on your own this year…know you are never alone. Jesus is right there with you and your fellowship on His birthday’s celebration is a very special gift in itself.¬†

Gotta run…lots to finish up…hugs and prayers to each one of you,¬†

k ūüôā¬†