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Today’s Encouragement: “If God is For Us” | Beth Moore


Hello Dear Friends,

Please keep your faith!!!

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for uswho is against us?
If our God is with (for) us, who can be against us. Romans 8:31

Please let us join our hearts together in prayer for our fellow men, women and children!

Let us pray for all leadership on every level…world, country, state, county/providence and city/town.

Let us pray for all on the front lines…Drs, nurses, specialists, research scientists, manufactures of equipment, all service people: military, police, ambulance, fire, etc.

We serve a Mighty Savior.

Please Lord heal our people!!! Our hope is in You and You alone!!!

When sheltered in….we can pray Dear Friends!!

Let us lift our voices in prayer to a mighty God!!!!

Be safe, shelter in and keep serving Jesus well…He loves you so well!!!

Love, hugs and prayers,


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Hey Sweet Friends,

The following article about St. Patrick is quite amazing!! He truly is a hero of the faith!!

Hugs and prayers….k 🙂

Every year, St. Patrick’s Day seems to be synonymous with Irish symbols, pots of gold, shamrocks, and above all — the color green. But these traditions have almost completely obscured the real life and testimony of such an amazing character in Christian history.

Though shrouded in myth and legend, the true story of the man we now call “Saint Patrick” is quite fascinating. Although he is revered as the patron saint of Ireland, Patrick was actually born in what is now Scotland. At sixteen years of age, he was captured by Irish pirates and forced into slavery in a deep inland region. As a young man he had ignored all sense of faith or religion, but while in captivity he called out to God and came to depend on Him through that arduous period. It was also during this time that he was able to witness firsthand the barbaric paganism of the Irish Celts.
After spending six years in slavery, he was able to make his escape: walking over 200 miles to the coast, then convincing a reticent ship captain to let him board. After a few more setbacks, he finally arrived back in Scotland. Along the way, he led many of the ship’s crew to place their faith in Christ.

After returning home, he sought to strengthen his own faith and give his life in service to God’s kingdom. He received formal training to join the clergy, and soon became a minister. But he did not stay in his homeland very long, for he sensed a clear call of God to return back to pagan Ireland, to proclaim the Gospel in the land of his former captivity.
“With no hesitation, he returned to Ireland to preach the gospel. The hardships he had endured during his previous captivity equipped him. . . . Patrick met much opposition, but boldly faced it head-on. It became his common practice to preach first to the king of each Irish domain.

“Patrick managed to impress each king with the Gospel or was given leniency to teach it to the people. They in turn renounced their gods as demons and served the one true God instead. According to his own writings, Patrick baptized thousands of new believers, resulting in a changed country. By the end of the fifth century, Ireland had a strong pulse as a Christianized nation.”
—Kaylena Radcliff, editor for Christian History magazine

It is very difficult to comprehend the impact of Patrick’s courageous obedience to return to the land of his captors. Some scholars have even published titles such as “How the Irish Saved Civilization” to examine how far-reaching the effects of Irish Christianity have been on the rest of the world, all tracing back to the legacy of Patrick.