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Belated Happy New Year…


Hello Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

I hope and pray each of you are having lovely new beginnings to our new year!! Ours was filled with family, travel and art!! Our family enjoyed a lovely trip after our Christmas trip to AZ for my husband’s work . We took some fun side trips on the weekend to the beauty of Sedona and Flagstaff. We also enjoyed a painting class we all participated in as a family one of the evenings as well as the Art Walk the Line in Sedona. It was a joy to see even our fellas (who claim they are not artistic) not only love it but agree to attend more classes in the future!! So much fun and so much learned!! I described it as a progression of relaxation, exhilaration, fun, a time of total focus, fear, frightening concern it’s not working out to true joy that we finished very well and on time!!  It was soooo much fun!!!

Art class in Scottsdale, AZ

So like many of you, we come back home to begin a new year with new heart’s desires and goals!! I am working on many plans for this blog, Etsy shop and the YT channel. I will be sharing these in the next weeks as I am “catching up” a bit from our trip and getting things ironed out in the schedule. I am excited about the new opportunities of this next year and look forward to sharing with all of you!! Please feel free to come back and visit. I will be sharing more cards, mixed media projects, new journaling journeys and much planner fun!!

I pray each of you have a wonderful beginning to your new year filled with many blessings…keep crafting,



I am a Christian wife, mother of three beautiful gifts from the Lord and grandmother to our first grandbaby!! I love studying the Bible and serving my Lord, time with my Sweet Husband, loving and teaching, time with good friends, nutrition, gardening herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers, reading, all kinds of crafting, writing, photography, cooking/creating healthy and tasty meals, all things vintage and lovely- something when you look at tells you a story. Organizing is my newest passion. I also love being birdie Mommy to my 4 cockatiels...2 couples. I love living in the country and enjoying the Lord's miraculous creation!! :)

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