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Hey Sweet Friends,

The sun shines here today!!!!
We are thawing out!!!!

A little business for YouTube channel….we will take at least today and possibly through the weekend off to attend to issues related to the winter storms. Thank you for your kindness and patience!!! Our family is doing well and we give God all the glory and praise!!! As well we stand with, mourn and are praying for all those experiencing loss of life and damage during the storms.

Please continue to pray. Lots and lots of Texans have water that is not drinkable or none at all. Power is still out in areas. And initially areas could not be reached with emergency supplies/water due to severely iced roads.

All deliveries to grocery stores, to fuel, to mail, etc delayed. And so though we have sunshine today, we are far from returning to normal throughout the state. The governor is pushing through major investigations as to how things failed and how do we assure safety in any possible future events.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and patience. There is much damaged and people are tired. And also remember many are also battling the pandemic restrictions. Some are sick with covid….therefore limited on going out to seek help or supplies.

Now that said…in true Texas spirit, people were helping everywhere!!! I am so thankful for every kind heart and every able person that served in this crisis….from Moms and Dads caring for and keeping their families safe…to adult children checking in and caring for aging family members…to neighbors helping neighbors. From linemen and plumbers helping in the failed services that are imperative in such a servere weather…to the military, medical, police, fire, emts and more who served beyond their job description….again!

May the Lord keep and bless each of you in the works of your hands!! We forever thank each of you for your service!!!

PTL from Washington DC to FEMA to many of the 49 states to our state and local helping financially, sending supplies and coming to help to our people!!! Texas is beginning to recover!! Some roads are still unable to be traveled and more warming centers are opening statewide. And water is making it in now for distribution!! We are finally showing movement!!!! We are blessed!!!!

Now, there have been many comments about how southerners don’t know what to do…or can’t handle”real” winter. I have literally heard this first hand this last week….
Just an encouragement said in love of the realities here in the southern states….again said in much love🥰…

We do not have enough plows to keep all roads cleared or salted/sanded….usually never needed. The houses/plumbing are not built with the same level of insulation therefore things get cold quick and become damaged easily. Vehicles are not winterized with a more concentrated antifreeze, proper windshield fluid, to all weather tires. All rarely if ever needed. We weatherize the other way…. ready for severe heat.

And yes, many don’t even own the heavier winter wear as it is not needed unless you ranch or farm these days. Basic heavy winter supplies are not only not usually needed…or even available locally.

And finally Texas like most states these days has begun relying on alternative energy. This energy which failed in this winter storm…now solidifying the return to more fossil fuels to keep this state running in emergent events. Hence such storms literally closed down the state.

So no worries or hard feelings….just a little insight from a born and raised…even south Texan. We can definitely handle the hot heat of summers that many seem to dislike….no worries. That’s how Texas Tough or as in hurricane Harvey….Texas Strong phrase was coined. Like most states we know what we live….this year we just were given a little more than usual winter.

And trying to look at things with the glass half full….so many little ones who have never seen snow had two snows to learn how to sled this winter!!! They were creatively using cardboard boxes, dinner trays or even trash can lids!!! So many beautiful smiles and lovely memories for these little ones. Yes we look to find joy in the journey!!

Soooooo many lessons learned by all!!!
So keep your pantries stocked. Keep extra water…drinking, hand washing and water to flush toilets stocked. Keep a propane stove or bbq on your patio if you have an electric stove/oven to be able to cook if loss of power. If you have a fireplace, have a good stash of firewood, starters, matches at all times. Be sure you have candles, flashlights or oil lamps with refill oil to last a long while if power is off. And have all phone numbers of neighbors and family readily available to be able to check on each other.

Be an encouragement as much as possible!!! 😊

Thank you to ALL who are praying, sending help and sending funds to help our state!!!! 🥰
We thank the Lord for ALL of you!!!
Spring is coming!!!

Love and prayers…k💗


I am a Christian wife, mother of three beautiful gifts from the Lord and grandmother to our first grandbaby!! I love studying the Bible and serving my Lord, time with my Sweet Husband, loving and teaching, time with good friends, nutrition, gardening herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers, reading, all kinds of crafting, writing, photography, cooking/creating healthy and tasty meals, all things vintage and lovely- something when you look at tells you a story. Organizing is my newest passion. I also love being birdie Mommy to my 4 cockatiels...2 couples. I love living in the country and enjoying the Lord's miraculous creation!! :)

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