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Today’s Encouragement: “If God is For Us” | Beth Moore


sunset-hands-love-woman.jpgHi Dear Friends,

Praying you all are doing well in this time of our lives.

Who would have imagined…even in January this is where we would be?

I think allot about all those on the front lines. One of our children being told they have to go work…though what they do has nothing to do with Covid 19. It’s about funding for the next year….really?

We have watched so many with great wisdom. And honestly some with…well struggling to do the right thing. In the words of all our health officials….JUST SHELTER IN…until it passes.

I spent the day calling all our drs to move all our prescriptions closer to us and miraculously…they deliver. Each drs office was kind and encouraging….but none of them spoke of the dates being discussed in Washington DC.

What do we do? How do we feel? What comes next?

Beth Moore shares an encouraging message for all of us.

Be safe, stay healthy and keep serving Him well!!!

Love, hugs and prayers,

k 🙂


I am a Christian wife, mother of three beautiful gifts from the Lord and grandmother to our first grandbaby!! I love studying the Bible and serving my Lord, time with my Sweet Husband, loving and teaching, time with good friends, nutrition, gardening herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers, reading, all kinds of crafting, writing, photography, cooking/creating healthy and tasty meals, all things vintage and lovely- something when you look at tells you a story. Organizing is my newest passion. I also love being birdie Mommy to my 4 cockatiels...2 couples. I love living in the country and enjoying the Lord's miraculous creation!! :)

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